Eklips Advantages

Weighing only 9.70 lbs PSF, prefabricated concrete Eklips panels can be easily installed on various structures.

Panneaux Eklips

The unprecedented performance of VHPC and UHPC has enabled us to create Eklips panels as thin as 19 mm (3/4 in.), in dimensions of up to 9 750 mm X 3 650 mm (32 ft. X 12 ft.).

Panneaux Eklips

Eklips panels are available in a wide array of colours and can be solution dyed or surface painted.

Panneaux Eklips

Our moulding processes allow us to provide a wide range of finishes, from perfectly smooth to a multitude of textures.

Panneaux Eklips

Competitive Advantages

  • Since they are prefabricated, Eklips panels can be installed year-round.

  • No steel reinforcements needed, so Eklips panels cannot corrode.

  • Eklips panels, made from VHPC and UHPC, are impact resistant, extremely durable and dimensionally stable.

  • Easy fastening systems allowing for quicker construction, according to a pre-set pace.

  • Eklips panels are lightweight and do not require heavy machinery for installation.

  • Eklips panels, with a thickness of only 19 mm (3/4 in.), translate into savings in delivery costs.

  • Eklips panels can be cut by simply using a standard diamond saw and a square allowing for on-site adjustments.