Technical data and performance

Raw materials

VHPC and UHPC are materials made of micrometric structures low in porosity with a high concentration of cement, admixtures and fine aggregates. Contemporary and constantly evolving, VHPC and UHPC provide concrete solutions to all of your needs, meeting safety, resistance and durability requirements. Providing unparalleled mechanical strength and being specifically appreciated for their resistance capabilities to freezing/thawing, corrosion, abrasion, carbonation and shock, Eklips panels are manufactured from very high performance fibre-reinforced concrete (VHPC) and ultra-high performance fibre-reinforced concrete (UHPC).

Please refer to the table below for classification of various grades of concrete

Grades of concrete Compression resistance at 28 days (in MPa)
Regular concrete 16 to 40
High performance concrete 45 to 60
Very high performance concrete Eklips Panelks assembly 65 to 100
Ultra-high performance concrete Eklips Panelks assembly > 110
Eklips Panels
Eklips Panels

Fastening System

A comprehensive testing program, carried out in the structural laboratories of the École Polytechnique de Montréal and supervised by M. Robert Tremblay, PH. D., Eng. (Professor, Research Chair of Canada in Seismic-Resistant Design and Construction of Building Structures), allowed us to categorize the behaviour with load of the fastening system developed by Bétons Génial specifically for Eklips panels, in collaboration with M. Gino Pelletier, Eng., from EMS Engineering.

Various testing configurations allowed us to apply the following criteria:

  • Shear appliedto the assembly bolt and its anchorage point.
  • Direct tension in the assembly bolt axis and its anchorage point.
  • Shear-tension combination on the assembly bolt and its anchorage point.
  • Tension on the assembly, including the assembly bolt, mounting plate and Z-bar
Eklips Panels


The complete testing report is available to professionals on request

Protective Products

As a result of several years of research, Bétons Génial has chosen protective products specifically aimed at its Eklips panels. Water and oil repellent, stain resistant, anti-graffiti, anti-fouling, anti-efflorescence and completely UV resistant, all of the products we have selected are environmentally-friendly and possess the following properties:

Eklips Panels
  • petroleum solvent free

  • silicone-free

  • superior biodegradability at 95%

  • non toxic

  • safe

  • non-flammable

The range of protective products that Bétons Génial recommends applying on your Eklips panels will ensure durable protection and keep your panels looking newer longer. In fact, the application of these products helps to prevent the main causes of degradation, such as atmospheric pollution, fat-based stains, infiltration and exposure to chlorides, etc. Moreover, the protective products simplify the maintenance of Eklips panels, are completely UV resistant and are non-yellowing over time. The protective products used by Bétons Génial are available in matte, semi-glossy or glossy finishes. In addition, various aesthetic looks can be achieved in line with your preferences and the intended use of Eklips panels.

Eklips Panels